03 March 2014

Winter in Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

So far we have enjoyed a fairly mild winter. With eight weather warnings in as many weeks, so far it has been a season of storms. Thankfully Inishowen has been spared the worst of the weather with many parts of the Country battered by tidal surges, high winds and flooding. Spring definitely is in the air as the evenings grow shorter and the mornings brighter.

Lots of rain brings lots of beautiful rainbows to enjoy.

Nature is ‘waking-up’
Nature is also beginning to ‘wake-up’ with good signs of growth and increased animalmovements. The mating season is coming soon with many animals currently emerging from hibernation due to the mild temperatures.

On my morning walk I encountered this wee fellow …

Many daffodils are also on the verge of blossoming, an event I always look forward to. In the mean time little clumps of snowdrops and crocus add a touch of colour and the promise of spring.

Some local crocus add a hint of colour to brighten-up the final days of winter

The impressive snowdrop is celebrated as a sign if spring

Winter Visitors
We can’t forget to mention some winter visitors who ‘flock’ to Inishowen over the winter months to enjoy our wetlands and lay their eggs. If you hear a ‘honking’ call overhead don’t forget to look-up…it could be a Whooper!

Whooper swans near Inch Island, Inishowen, socialising with the ‘locals’.

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